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Continental Tyre SA scoops prestigious Energy Efficiency Award

The heat-recovery project which significantly reduced energy consumption and operating costs at Continental’s tyre manufacturing plant was recognised

Tyre manufacturer, Continental Tyre South Africa, was recognised by the South African Energy Efficiency (SAEE) Confederation for reducing its energy consumption. The company’s Sustainable Technology & Infrastructure Department won the 2020 Industrial Corporate Project of the Year Award. The prestigious award was given for a heat-recovery project which significantly reduced energy consumption and operating costs at its tyre manufacturing plant

Continental received the accolade at 2020 SAEEC Energy Awards which took place in March 2021, at the Ebotse Golf and Country Estate, Benoni. The Awards followed the Annual General Meeting of the Southern African Energy Efficiency Confederation (SAEEC). The tyre manufacturer was also shortlisted in the categories of Corporate Company of the Year and Young Professional of the Year.

Being recognised for the monumental efforts we have put in to reduce our electricity and coal consumption is both humbling and motivating 

JJ Dowling, Continental’s General Manager for Manufacturing

“Considering the electricity supply challenges South Africa faces, as well as the need for us to be more environmentally sustainable, every action we take to reduce our energy consumption is critical. says Continental Tyre South Africa’s General Manager: Manufacturing, JJ Dowling. “There is no other way for us to be sustainable than being more responsible and mindful in our daily activities, and introducing measures that reduce our impact on the environment,” Dowling adds

The award recognises innovative industrial energy management projects and outstanding contributions to the energy industry. Continental received the award for a heat recovery project that saved 4.5 million kWh of energy and over R1-million in 2019 – and continues to benefit operating efficiencies and reduce the plant’s environmental impact.

According to Ramoabi Moeng, CTSA’s Head of Manufacturing Technology Engineering, several heat recovery projects have been implemented over the years that ultimately made this latest initiative possible. “Our Sustainable Technology & Infrastructure Department, along with project lead Atte Els, investigated a means of optimising the steam and condensate system that is essential for our tyre manufacturing operations.

“Steam from the clean condensate system, which was previously dumped and wasted as an energy source, was re-routed and reused,” Moeng explains. “This allowed us to achieve a saving of 4.5 million kWh of energy and over R1-million per annum.”

Reducing costs through Energy Efficiency

Continental Tyre SA’s energy-saving efforts were further recognised in being shortlisted in the Industrial Corporate Company of the Year category. In the last five years, the company has reduced its electricity consumption by 41.3-percent and, in the same period, cut its coal consumption by 63.7-percent. By fully implementing ISO 50001:2011 guidelines since 2016, CTSA has improved its overall energy efficiency by a remarkable 27.5-percent.

Along with being awarded the Industrial Corporate Project of the Year and shortlisting for the Industrial Corporate Company of the Year category, CTSA employee Heath Thornborrow was nominated for the SAEE Young Professional of the Year award for his contributions to reducing the company’s energy consumption over the last three years.

Through various heat recovery and leakage reduction and optimisation initiatives, Thornborrow has helped Continental Tyre South Africa save more than 6-million kWh of energy and over R1.5-million in operating costs.

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