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Wind project expected to reach commercial operations by July 2025.

Southern Africa

NamPower inks deals for 50MW Wind Farm project in Namibia

CERIM Lüderitz Energy – a joint venture between Energy China and Namibian owned company Riminii Investments is developing the project.

Namibia’s state-owned power utility, NamPower, has signed a Power Purchase Agreement (PPA) and a Transmission Connection Agreement (TCA), which will pave way for the development of a 50 MW wind energy plant in the town of Lüderitz, by CERIM Lüderitz Energy.

CERIM Lüderitz Energy is a joint venture between Energy China and Namibian owned company Riminii Investments.

According to NamPower, the wind energy facility will be built for 1.4 billion Namibia dollars (about 96.4 million U.S. dollars), and is expected to be completed within 27 months, with commercial operation expected by July 2025.

Under the signed agreements NamPower signed with CERIM Lüderitz Energy, the utility will purchase the entire electricity output generated by the wind farm for a period of 25 years.

Speaking at the project’s signing ceremony, NamPower’s Managing Director, Kahenge Haulofu said the commissioning of this project will displace 50 MW of imports, which is a step in the right direction.

“The project will significantly contribute to NamPower’s supply portfolio when combined with other generation projects that form part of the Integrated Strategy and Business Plan,” Haulofu said.

Despite its enormous renewable energy potential (especially in solar energy), Namibia currently imports about 60 percent of its electricity from neighbouring countries such as South Africa, Zimbabwe, and Zambia, making the country vulnerable to price volatility and supply disruptions. 

Much of the electricity imported by Namibia, as well as the electricity it generates on its own comes from fossil fuels. The country has set a target to increase the share of renewable energy in its energy mix 70% by 2030, as part of its Vision 2030.

Namibia also has plans to utilise its vast renewable energy resources to become a major green hydrogen producer for the global markets. The Namibian government estimates that it will need up to $190 billion in investment by 2040 to implement its green hydrogen vision. According to the government’s strategic plan, the hydrogen industry could contribute up to $6 billion to the country’s GDP.

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