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IRENA's 2019 report estimated Mozambique's electrification rate at 30%


Belgian development agency tenders 5 mini-grids in Mozambique

Brussels is supporting Mozambique’s plan for rural electrification – RERD II Programme / Renewable Energy for Rural Development Programme

The Belgian Development Agency (Enabel) has issued a tender for the construction of five hybrid solar PV mini-grids with storage in the provinces of Zambezia and Nampula in Mozambique. Interested companies should submit their applications by the 4th of May 2021.

The five solar energy mini-grids must have a PV capacity ranging from 75 kW to 230 kW, an energy storage capacity of between 445 kWh and 1,130 kWh. The systems must also be retrofitted with a back-up diesel generator with an installed power of 45 kVa to 120 kVa. The combination will enable the system to continue to supply energy after sunset and during bad weather conditions.

The solar energy systems must supply power 24 hours of the day and have a minimum annual reliability of 97%, out of 365 days of service.

The contractors must also build a water supply system at the solar power plants.

Brussels support Mozambique renewables initiative

According to the International Renewable Energy Agency’s 2019 report, Mozambique has an installed solar PV energy capacity of just 55MW. With an electrification rate of only 30 percent, the country is making strides in ensuring electrification of all households by 2030. 

The country’s electricity market is largely dominated by hydropower generation capacity, produced through the 2,075 MW Cahora Bassa Dam, the largest hydro dam in Southern Africa. Mozambique also exports power to neighboring South Africa and Zimbabwe via the Southern African Power Pool (SAPP).

The Belgian Government is providing Mozambique with a grant to finance it’s RERD II Programme – Renewable Energy for Rural Development Programme. The funds will be channeled via the Enabel – Belgian Development Agency and FUNAE – Energy Fund. The funding for the mini grids will help advance Mozambique’s electrification objectives.

Mozambique has vast renewable energy potential, with over 12 locations confirmed to have a total potential of 5,000 MW from wind power, and over 33 sites confirmed to have biomass projects potential of 2,000 MW. The country also has one of the largest hydro-electricity generation potential estimated at around 19 000 MW.

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