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JinkoSolar ESS systems supports on- and off-grid switching functions.

Energy Storage

JinkoSolar ups energy storage systems distributors in Africa

The Chinese solar equipment manufacturer has closed a 50MWh ESS Distribution Agreement with Palette Business Solutions Limited in Nigeria.

Chinese solar PV module manufacturer, JinkoSolar, is consolidating its African region trade in solar products, clinching several dealership agreements to distribute high-quality cutting-edge energy storage systems (ESS) and solutions on the continent.

This comes as JinkoSolar has closed a 50MWh ESS Distribution Agreement with Palette Business Solutions Limited in Nigeria to secure a market in the continent’s most populous country as well as to tap into the West African market.

In May this year, the Sino renewable energy firm announced that it has signed a distribution agreement with Zimbabwean solar systems distributor, Must Zimbabwe, for the supply of over 100MWh of its energy storage systems to the company.

According to the agreement, JinkoSolar will supply its ESS products to Must Zimbabwe, including lithium iron phosphate battery system units for residential use and an LFP container storage system for C&I power demand.

With the distribution deal with the Southern African renewable company, JinkoSolar looks certain to tap into the Southern Africa Development Community (SADC) budding renewable energy market.

For the two dealership deals in the region, Nigeria’s Palette and Zimbabwe Must will distribute JinkoSolar’s battery system units and LFP container storage system.

In a statement this week to announce Palette’s deal, JinkoSolar general manager for Sub-Saharan Africa said the newly forged 50MWh distribution strategic agreement of energy storage systems consolidates JinkoSolar’s footprints in the African market.

“We’ve seen a surge in electricity demand in Africa, which has outstripped electricity produced by suppliers. Together with Palette, we firmly believe our ESS solutions will bring new development opportunities to Nigeria and make renewable electricity accessible and affordable to every household and factory in Nigeria,” said.

On its part, Palette said it always partners with top-tier world acclaimed manufacturers like JinkoSolar in delivering sustainable solutions at good price points.

“Our distribution network in Nigeria consists of committed resellers, professional installers, and a competent support team. Palette commenced business in 2010 to fight the devastating effects of climate change and strive to create the awareness and use of solar energy through its distribution in delivering clean uninterrupted electricity to serve the rural and urban communities,” Palette said in a statement.

JinkoSolar energy storage systems

JinkoSolar energy storage systems have higher energy density and maintain a long life span and have strong safety features. The company uses lithium iron phosphate (LFP) as its anode materials, which the company says have the additional advantage of no memory effect. The materials can ensure the battery can be charged and discharged shallowly and frequently, which can effectively improve the efficiency of the system.

According to JinkoSolar, its flexible design configuration for its energy storage systems meet the requirements for different application scenarios in Africa. In areas with high operating temperatures and limited installation space, the company says users can connect the battery units parallel to form a larger capacity battery pack to meet their requirements of long power backup time and long service life.

In relatively developed areas of Africa, JinkoSolar says the system supports on- and off-grid switching functions, which allows it to be integrated into the grid to maximize IRR and lower LCOE.

“Clear as day, electricity demand is expected to double to over 2300 TWh in Africa by the end of 2040, with most of the additional demand stemming from productive uses and emerging middle- and higher-income households.

“Renewables will be the powerhouse that drives Africa’s brighter future. Our company is so proud to be part of African energy transformation and our PV+ ESS solutions can be applied in utility-scale projects connected to the grid, C&I power demand, or residential off-grid power demand,” Wang further said.

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