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South Africa

Thanks to Huawei’s backup solutions, South Africans won’t be left in the dark this festive season

Huawei’s Power-M solution is ideal for apartment complexes, clusters, homes, and small businesses requiring backup power with no disruption.

The last thing any South African wants this festive season is to have their celebrations interrupted by an unplanned power outage or a sudden escalation in load shedding.

To ensure that we can enjoy energy security this festive season, Huawei is running a massive promotion on its all-in-one Power-M solution. The promotion, which has seen Huawei significantly reduce the price of the solution, also includes installation and financing (if necessary) through partnerships with Verteco and Absa respectively. The promotion also includes a hardware warranty as well as a six-month guarantee on installation through Verteco. Installation complies with the South African National Standards (SANs), has double surge protection, and meets the requirements of your insurer and any bank financing.

Huawei’s Power-M solution is ideal for apartment complexes, clusters, homes, and small businesses requiring backup power with no disruption. The solution, which combines batteries and an inverter, also includes built-in fire protection, safety features, quiet operation and IP66 waterproofing. The sleek unit is a slim 16cm aluminium alloy enclosure with a frosted texture.

Consumers can flexibly choose the number of battery modules to expand the capacity whenever they want, allowing them to start small and grow over time. With a single-unit backup ranging in size from 5kWh to 15kWh, up to three units can be installed in parallel, maximising the capacity to 45kWh. In this configuration, the solution is ideal for small and medium-sized enterprises as well as homes.

To provide a better home usage experience, the Power-M supports seamless switchover between multiple energy inputs, such as solar, grid, and generator. Thanks to its fanless construction, the  Power-M is incredibly quiet too. With an operating sound level of less than 29dbm, it has a sleep-grade noise rating.  The unique plug-and-play design, meanwhile, means that installation is quick and easy, typically taking less than two hours.

“Huawei’s residential solutions help users cope with daily challenges such as load shedding, as well as unexpected outages,” explains Xia Hesheng, President of Huawei Digital Power Sub-Saharan Africa Region. “Our solutions also aim to address some of the most serious challenges faced by the residential market, including user experience, systems requiring mixing manufactures, quality, service, efficiency, and aesthetics”.

Xia added that, “Huawei is focusing on ‘4T’ Technologies (Watt/Heat/Battery/Bit), which will drive residential PV scenarios with high-quality products that are not only aesthetically pleasing but also offer high-quality system-level solutions, which integrate digitalisation and intelligence into the PV industry.”

Through the course of 25 years of operations in sub-Saharan Africa, Huawei has developed a deep understanding of the region’s energy and technology requirements. In addition to its backup solutions, Huawei has launched smart photovoltaic (PV) solutions for all scenarios of the African residential market and is committed to bringing clean energy to every home on the continent.

Together with our partners and customers, we’re lighting up a greener Africa this festive season!

Visit to learn more and choose from the right offer to suit your budget and needs.

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