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Image Credit: CrossBoundary Energy (CBE).


Solar plant for Rio Tinto’s mine in Madagascar inaugurated at 8MW

Rio Tinto’s QMM partnered with CrossBoundary Energy in 2021 to build the power plant.

CrossBoundary Energy (CBE) has inaugurated the 8MW Ehoala Solar Park for Rio Tinto’s QMM (QIT Madagascar Minerals) in Fort-Dauphin in Madagascar. The project is the first phase of a larger 30MW solar and wind hybrid power plant.

The power plant comprises 14,640 solar panels and is planned to be expanded by a further 6MW. Subsequently, CBE will start construction of a 19-turbine wind farm with a capacity of 16MW.

The inauguration of the Ehoala Solar Park was attended by Madagascar’s President, Andry Rajoelina. 

“Madagascar aspires to be a model of resilience in the face of climate challenges, particularly in the industrial sector,” said Madagascar’s President, Andry Rajoelina. 

“The Malagasy Government recognizes the vital importance of an adaptable industry that contributes to the effort to combat climate change. As a nation, we are committed to being pioneers in this transition, demonstrating our determination to protect our country and offer a sustainable future to our fellow citizens,” President Rajoelina added.

Complementing Rio Tinto’s sustainable mining vision

Rio Tinto’s QMM partnered with CrossBoundary Energy in 2021 to build the 30MW solar and wind power hybrid power plant. The mining company says the project is part of its efforts to build a ‘sustainable mine’ by adopting responsible practices including reducing emissions, managing waste and water responsibly, and restoring the local environment.

“This project is in line with QMM’s ‘Sustainable Mining’ vision, and demonstrates QMM’s commitment to achieving Rio Tinto’s decarbonization objectives. The initiative is intended not only as a contribution but also as us recognising the direct role we have to play in addressing climate change in Madagascar,” Isabelle Wabete, Managing Director of QMM.

CrossBoundary Energy also highlighted the project’s additional benefits such as job creation and skills development for the local community.

“We are delighted to finance, own and operate this exciting project, whose importance in the fight against climate change is well established,” said Richard Stanford, Chief Technical Officer of CrossBoundary Energy (CBE).

“Our partnership with Rio Tinto, and through it the Government of Madagascar, is exemplary, and we are delighted to note the recent development of renewable energies in Fort-Dauphin and Madagascar. CrossBoundary (CBE) remains a partner both available and committed to bringing renewable energy solutions to our customers,” concluded Stanford.

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