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Solar is an easily available source of electricity for rural and remote areas

East Africa

AllSola utilizes Internet of Things (IoT) to power rural areas with solar

AllSola is supplying a solar powered internet connectivity and computing platform to help improve energy access in rural Africa.

Kenya-based solar company, AllSola, has partnered with Miami tech company SDSol Technologies, to develop a breakthrough Internet of Things (IoT) project that will affordably connect rural Africa to renewable energy. AllSola specializes in manufacturing smart devices utilizing solar energy for homes. 

The lack of access to electricity in many African rural areas reduces the quality of life as health, education, gender equality, access to food, and general well-being are affected. Electricity access is expensive to build and is difficult to supply in poor or remote areas due to a lack of a distribution infrastructure or low power generation capabilities.

AllSola and parent company Kenya Green Supply are supplying a solar powered internet connectivity and computing platform to help improve energy access in rural Africa, thereby improving the quality of life for rural dwellers.

The system offers easy access to sustainable solar energy at nominal prices. The product is easy to install, giving people in rural households access to entertainment, education, news and income-earning opportunities.

“With the access to the information that people in third-world countries are getting due to AllSola’s work, we believe a brighter future is to come. The way customers manage their health, education and personal business will improve, and they will come across new life-changing opportunities,” said Marielle Fillit, owner of AllSola and CEO of Kenya Green Supply.

The AllSola kit specs

The AllSola kit includes one AllSola unit, two solar panels (30W each), four LED bulbs (with lighting cables), one TV antenna and one AC charger. AllSola comes with a DVB-T2 chip and 13.3″ full HD screen, enabling users to enjoy all free-to-air digital TV channels for news and TV shows free of charge. 

The unit also carries AM/FM radio. In addition, AllSola enables instant access to the internet through Wi-Fi or a SIM card. The unit runs on Android 9.0, allowing access to major applications like Microsoft Office, and features 3GB RAM and 16 -256 GB storage space. Then, the innovative solar-powered unit will allow users to light up to four rooms with four LED bulbs that come with individual cables and connectors. Additionally, AllSola can serve as a powerful charging device.

“It’s unfortunate that around 70% of people in the third world, such as Africa, have no access  to electricity. There are many regions in the continent where people have to live without electricity every day. It is great to be part of a project that brings affordable, reliable and  sustainable electrical power to underprivileged areas. This makes daily life less challenging for people living there,” stated Azam Malik of SDSol Technologies.

“Kudos to Marielle Fillit for launching a humanitarian initiative like Kenya Green Supply. It’s an honor for us to assist in developing such a groundbreaking IoT product and a system like AllSola, which empowers people living off the grid to receive energy and lead a better quality life without breaking the bank.”

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